Drug Related Child Welfare Cases and there Effect on Placement

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Kyleigh Powell Gary Dick


By Kyleigh Powell, Social Work

Advisor: Gary Dick

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Abstract: The rise in the Methamphetamine (Meth) Epidemic has created a significant problem in the Child Welfare world. Butler County Children Service's is seeing an enormous rise in meth related cases being open. Of the drug related child welfare cases, over half of them are involved with meth in some way. Meth tears families and communities apart and can untimely cause children to become involved in the foster care system. When a child becomes involved in the foster care system there is so much that goes into the present and future impacts on that child. Due to the rise of meth, this is happening more frequently and is creating a significant problem. Child Welfare worker's goal is to always keep children at least in kinship care but due to the rise of the drug problem, kids are more so being placed in foster care.

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