How parents' living in poverty affect their current parenting stress.

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Tricia Mcclain Phuongloan Vo


By Tricia Mcclain, Social Work

Advisor: Phuongloan Vo

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Abstract: This research paper wishes to examine financial stress on parents and how it presents challenges to parents in maintaining a smoothly functioning family system. It will attempt to isolate which parental roles are affected by financial stress. This research will be conducted through Beech Acres Parenting Center (BAPC) with the consent, and help of their staff, and clients. The researcher plans on asking 9 questions of the participants where n=5. These 9 questions are designed to pinpoint where the stress is originating. These questions are also designed to help quantify what interventions might provide the resources that would help alleviate the stress. This paper seeks to assess the causes of stress, and methods to alleviate the stress, and how the stress affects the relationship with the children. From the data gathered, this paper will see if there are any correlating trends between, finances, stress, and dysfunction in the family system.

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