The Criminalization of Homelessness

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Milly Fent Phuongloan Vo


By Milly Fent, Social Work

Advisor: Phuongloan Vo

Presentation ID: AM_A13

Abstract: This study began with a review of data previously compiled regarding the criminalization of homelessness. One question evaluated in this project involved whether the homeless are subject to unique statutes and harsher penalties than those not experiencing homelessness. Furthermore, this qualitative research has looked at the ways in which these policies may impact the trajectory of the lives of the homeless. Exploration was conducted via assessments, alongside semi-structured interviews with a sample of 6 adult male clients experiencing homelessness. This research took place at the Shelterhouse David and Rebecca Barron Center for Men. Implications for practice include policy improvement around criminal justice inequality and bias, as it affects individuals experiencing homelessness, as well as society at large.

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