Program Implementation & Promoting Social Inclusion Among Adults with Developmental Disabilities

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Drew Jennings Gary Dick


By Drew Jennings, Social Work

Advisor: Gary Dick

Presentation ID: AM_A43

Abstract: Adults with disabilities have many barriers that limit them in nearly every facet of their daily lives. Research has shown that social inclusion for individuals with disabilities is one of the most pivotal elements in enhancing their lives. If program implementation addresses the needs of each subjective individual, and promotes social inclusion, research says it will be successful in enhancing this population's overall well-being. This study analyzes other research done on social inclusion and exclusion, and compares it to the ways Easterseals operates their agency, and the opportunities it provides for social inclusion among its individuals. This study goes in-depth including interview answers from four individuals with disabilities from the Easterseals agency, in addition to interview answers from three supervisors at Easterseals. These interviews reveal the programs that the individuals find the most beneficial, and start the process of furthering research around the topic of social inclusion among the disability population.

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