Published: 2020-10-09

The Reclamation and Commodification of the N-word

Julius Freeman, Marcus Brooks; Marcus Brooks

Hamilton County Issue #7 Tax Evaluation

Benedict Leonardi; Michael Jones

The Effectiveness of "Sprint Snacks" in Hi-Intensity Functional Training

Sarah Zakrajsek, Paul LaGasse, Mackenzie Moorman; Daniel Carl

Dehydration alters mosquito reproduction and blood feeding propensity to shift vectorial capacity.

Dhriti Sharma, Christopher J. Holmes, Elliott Brown, Blaine Payton; Joshua Benoit

Pharmacological Intervention to Prevent Muscle Contractures

Marianne Emmert, Roger Cornwall, Kritton Shay-Winkler; Qing Goh

"The effect of a Pilates exercise program on static and dynamic balance: A Pilot Study"

Simone Palomo, Alexandra Wall, Kimberly Garrison; Rachel Gleason

Perceived Environments Impact on Exercise Using Virtual Reality

Andrew Miller, Michael Bacigalupo, Abbey Hammann, Matthew Horsley, Kendall Lyman, Robbie Lynch, Maya Pentecost, Aaron Shepherd, Alaina Tarr; Susan Kotowski

Effects of Mint Gum and Physical Activity on Cognitive Performance

Gillian Tierney, Karly Frye, Logan Carpenter; Susan Kotowski

Leader Identity Development in College Students

Kenneth Lyle II, Jordan Dunnigan, Zoey Skidmore; Donna Chrobat-Mason

Patient to Nurse Assault: Educating Nursing Students on Prevalence and Prevention in Healthcare Settings

Grace Wherley, Olivia Williams, Jake Barnes, Julia Earnest, Samantha Branham, Michael Dole, Josie White; Carolyn Smith

Destroying The Stigma

Darian Wohrle, Abigail Schmitz, Shannon O'Connor, Sydney Goins, Liz Clark, Maddie Bernert; Amber Irwin

Interdisciplinary Team Member and Patient/Family Involvement in Bedside Rounding

Katelynn Nichols, Kaitlin Sacher, Danielle Clear, Madeline Pavlovich, Lindsay Bentley, Haley Wadl; Paul Lewis

Cultural Apathy: The #1 Killer of the African American Mothers and Infants

Chenoa Dickson, Brittany Morgan, Olivia Mack; Rosalind Moore

Multi-Disciplinary Feeding Therapy Outcomes

Delaney Jacob, Sarah Weller; Claire Miller

Identifying Sexual Abuse in Children and Teens in School

Jessica Winkle, Abby Horning, Jessica Young, Victoria Rooney; Carolyn Smith

Delirium Early Prevention Strategies

Kara Stahl, Cara Discepoli, Alyssa Brinkman; Carolyn Smith

Kangaroo Care During the Golden Hour

Emily Herman, Cassie Potter; Lori Trammel

Prevention Techniques for Rejection in Pediatric Transplant Patients

Allie Robbins, Kayla Rolfes, Katie Bercz, Nicole Barger, Zachary Bryant, Morgan Radcliff; Deborah Schwytzer

Medical Marijuana: A Brief Introduction for Sophomore Nursing Students

Haylee Kupiec, Lauren Pearson, Kendall Supinger, Ellie Thonnings, Amanda Scheurle, Whitney Gazar; Tamara Brockman

Story Grammar Elements of African American English Speaking Preschoolers

Sophia Antunes, Jasmine Beltran, Maria Klumb; Nancy Creaghead

Schwann cell activation modulates the response properties of cutaneous nociceptors.

Matthew Barbara, Alison Reynolds, Kelli McGuire, Gabrielle Firestone, Kristen Dairymple, Quian-Jie Fu; Fawen Zhang

Residency Programs for New Graduate Nurses

Allyson Vosler, Rachel Buescher, Ryan Gehringer, Mason Bowser; Carolyn Smith

Active Brain Regions During Conscious Control of Gait

Alli Horning, Thomas McQuaid; Pierce Boyne

Comparative Analysis of Stress Exposure in Ticks

Alexis Steele, Joshua Benoit, Sam Bailey, Kennan Oyen; Joshua Benoit

DEK Loss Impairs Learning and Memory Without Altering Neuronal Cell Density

Lydia Gall, Allie Greene, Matia Solomon, Valentina Ghisays; Matia Solomon

Olfaction within the Asian Citrus Psyllid

Francis DiFrank; Joshua Benoit

Brain Activation during Perturbed Walking

Jacob McGlaughlin, Nicholas Ferrera; Pierce boyne

Study of Clinical Practices of Patient-Transfer Techniques Impacting Efficiency and Safety

Macy Michel, Jenna Kreinbrink, Catherine Woods; Susan Kotowski

Approaching Solutions to Rural Health Disparities

Natasha Rodriguez; Michelle Reutter

Positive effects of Medical marijuana for pain management of acute and chronically ill patients

Katherine Hanley, Catherine Scott, Hailey Limoges, Cassandra Lee; Deborah Schwytzer

All-in-One Experience Magazine

Erin McCaffrey, Michael Canaan, Sara Latif; Michael Sharp

Cincinnati Union Bethel Social Media Management Project.

Christian LeDuc , Leah Miller , Emma Schutty ; Jenny Jones

Communicating vital aspects of cybersecurity in the nonprofit sector

Sabre Campbell, Taylor Mock, Claire Pazynski; Michael Sharp

Persuasion and Civic Engagement: The Facts Behind Rising Tuition at UC

Parker Cellura, Robin Courts, Jeniffer Keyser; Michael Sharp

St. Vincent de Paul Case Relation Management (CRM) Adaptions

Jack Crider, Kendall Trudeau, Alex Eatides; Michael Sharp

Metallomics Study of the molecular mechanism of trained immunity in primary immune cells

Kathleen Candor, Kavitha Subramanian Vignesh; Julio Landero Figueroa

Postpartum Hemorrhage Risk in Subsequent Births

Jenna Byrne, Elizabeth Wiedeman, Sarah Merz, Sarah Price; Lori Trammel

The Fifth Vital Sign: Evaluating the Accuracy of Pain Assessment in Adolescents

Allyson Grabosky , Sarah Wygant , Kaelyn Lynch ; Joseph Perazzo

UC Student Guide: An App by Students, for Students

Minh Anh Nguyen, Allison Meier, Emma Masla; Cedrick Kwuimy

The Bearcats Pantry Food Recovery Network

Ahmed Ashraf, Abbi Wells, Seth Reichenbach; Francis Russell

Acquisition of Complex Motor Skills in the Non-Dominant hand

Malerie Mysza, Anna Livecchi, Hima Devgan, Morgan Weber, Kennedy Quinlan, Nicole Brant, Audrey Brack, Claire Combs, Keegan Gawelek; Susan Kotowski

Improve Infant Suffering Through Education

Gabrielle Neric, Lauren Paskey, Isabella Albu, Kelley Mikut, Jenna Scott, Maggie Galloway; Donna Green

Effects of Foot Placement on Activation of Hip Muscles During a Barbell Squat

Kelsey Jones, Fadhil Hussain, Shannon Bockey, Maddie Miller, Noah Gray, Lydia Sanders; Rachel Gleason

Coping with Identity Threats: Student Responses and Impact on Well-Being and Stress

Yishan Wei, Caroline George, Dalton Spurlin; Stacie Furst-Holloway

Metallomics of clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma in long term tobacco smoking patients identifies a different metabolic signature

Dina Secic, Julio Landero, Maria Czyzyk-Krzeska, James Reigle, Mario Medvedovic, Jarek Meller; Julio Landero

Development of a RNA-Guided Drug Delivery System

Jacob Stump, David Smithrud, Guerni Paolo; Pheruza Tarapore

Chronic Stress in College Students across Countries

Kimberly Yeboah, Kathryrn Francis, Lucy Wess Yauss, Laura Hofmeyer, Amisha Patel; Rachel Smith-Steinert

Behavioral Effects of Pre-Natal Opioid Exposure in Mice

Ally Hassler, Brittany Smith, Teresa Reyes; Brittany Smith

Selenium and Neem oil accumulation in aquaponics systems

Zach Fyan, Aline Pereira de Oliveira; Julio Landero

Risk Management Regarding Scope of Practice for Healthcare Providers and Students Abroad

Amanda Lowe, Lily Marrero , Kelsey Hillard, Garret Aini, Nicole Holtz, Andrew Cunningham, Abigail Peters, Emily Spengler; Kate York

The Hopewell Comet Airburst Event

Maria Saniel-Banrey; Kenneth Tankersley

The Navigation System of a Fiddler Crab

Cydney Chappelle; John Layne

Web Design Consulting for Bearcat Promise Career Studio

Caroline Edens, Azuree Carrington, Shuhao Yang; Michael Sharp

Redefining Time-Sensitive Care in an Emergency Department

Monica Durstock, Mandy Schnetzer, Morgan Hegenbarth, Jessie Miller, Kiersten Bair; Deborah Schwytzer

Self Sustainability: Bearcats Going Green

Chiara Meier, Kifaya Mureb, Jacob Knechtly; Michael Sharp

Engagement Campaign for Camping & Education Foundation

Candace Wade, Nick McMillan, Melissa Heise; Michael Sharp

PTSD Symptom Clusters and Crime Victimization

Anna Johns, Miguel Nunez (with tilde over second "n"), Jacob Feldman, Jacob Habib, Farrah Jacquez; Miguel Nu–ez

Healthy Eating & Exercise for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Christine Serbinski, Samantha Kappes; Laura Nabors