The 2020 Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase was cancelled due to the stay-at-home order issued by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time of the cancellation, 445 students from 37 majors had registered to present projects; 100 UC personnel and 65 employer partners had registered to evaluate presentations. Although the students were unable to present their work in-person, they were encouraged to submit artifacts of their work (e.g., abstracts, posters, slide decks, essays) for publication in the Proceedings.

Within this issue readers will find a digital record of 178 projects produced by 300+ students representing arts, humanities, sciences, and technical disciplines. In addition to submitting projects, 119 students submitted nominations for their project advisors to be awarded for Excellence in Research Mentoring. It is my pleasure to recognize the following awardees:

  • Michael Sharp, Experience-based Learning and Career Education
Keshar Ghimire, Business and Economics, UCBA
Julio Landero, Chemistry, A&S
Joshua Benoit, Biology, A&S
Guy-Lucian Whembolua, Psychology & Africana Studies, A&S

  • Carolyn Smith, Nursing
Armaghan Ziaee, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, A&S

  • Andy Villemez, Keyboard Studies, CCM

Thank you all for your contributions to research and scholarship. I hope you enjoy the Proceedings.

Published: 2020-10-09

The Reclamation and Commodification of the N-word

Julius Freeman, Marcus Brooks; Marcus Brooks (Advisor)

Hamilton County Issue #7 Tax Evaluation

Benedict Leonardi; Michael Jones (Advisor)

Researching the Commodification of Classical Identities

Christina Emery; Robert Haug (Advisor)

The State of Religion in the United States

James Oden; Megan Lamkin (Advisor)

The Effectiveness of "Sprint Snacks" in Hi-Intensity Functional Training

Sarah Zakrajsek, Paul LaGasse, Mackenzie Moorman; Daniel Carl (Advisor)

Dehydration alters mosquito reproduction and blood feeding propensity to shift vectorial capacity.

Dhriti Sharma, Christopher J. Holmes, Elliott Brown, Blaine Payton; Joshua Benoit (Advisor)

The impact of dehydration and starvation on tick questing behavior

Ethan Revis, Kennan Oyen, Joshua Benoit; Joshua Benoit (Advisor)

Pharmacological Intervention to Prevent Muscle Contractures

Marianne Emmert, Roger Cornwall, Kritton Shay-Winkler; Qing Goh (Advisor)

"The effect of a Pilates exercise program on static and dynamic balance: A Pilot Study"

Simone Palomo, Alexandra Wall, Kimberly Garrison; Rachel Gleason (Advisor)

Perceived Environments Impact on Exercise Using Virtual Reality

Andrew Miller, Michael Bacigalupo, Abbey Hammann, Matthew Horsley, Kendall Lyman, Robbie Lynch, Maya Pentecost, Aaron Shepherd, Alaina Tarr; Susan Kotowski (Advisor)

Does Hospice Diagnosis affect Length of Stay?

Elizabeth Henderson; Gary Dick (Advisor)

Effects of Mint Gum and Physical Activity on Cognitive Performance

Gillian Tierney, Karly Frye, Logan Carpenter; Susan Kotowski (Advisor)

Leader Identity Development in College Students

Kenneth Lyle II, Jordan Dunnigan, Zoey Skidmore; Donna Chrobat-Mason (Advisor)

Patient to Nurse Assault: Educating Nursing Students on Prevalence and Prevention in Healthcare Settings

Grace Wherley, Olivia Williams, Jake Barnes, Julia Earnest, Samantha Branham, Michael Dole, Josie White; Carolyn Smith (Advisor)

Destroying The Stigma

Darian Wohrle, Abigail Schmitz, Shannon O'Connor, Sydney Goins, Liz Clark, Maddie Bernert; Amber Irwin (Advisor)

Educating Expectant Mothers on Mother-Infant Bonding Post-Delivery

Audrey Klus, Cassie Eicher; Lori Trammel (Advisor)

Interdisciplinary Team Member and Patient/Family Involvement in Bedside Rounding

Katelynn Nichols, Kaitlin Sacher, Danielle Clear, Madeline Pavlovich, Lindsay Bentley, Haley Wadl; Paul Lewis (Advisor)

Cultural Apathy: The #1 Killer of the African American Mothers and Infants

Chenoa Dickson, Brittany Morgan, Olivia Mack; Rosalind Moore (Advisor)

Multi-Disciplinary Feeding Therapy Outcomes

Delaney Jacob, Sarah Weller; Claire Miller (Advisor)

The Psychosocial Factors that Cause Truancy in Students

Mackenzie Logan; Anjanette Wells (Advisor)

The Connectedness of Multiple Identities and the Effect on Students' College Experiences

Anja Bosiljcic, Linh Khanh, Yujin Lee; Stacie Furst-Holloway (Advisor)

Prevalence of Congenital Hearing Loss in Puppies

Zoe Heimbrock; Peter Scheifele (Advisor)

Identifying Sexual Abuse in Children and Teens in School

Jessica Winkle, Abby Horning, Jessica Young, Victoria Rooney; Carolyn Smith (Advisor)

Delirium Early Prevention Strategies

Kara Stahl, Cara Discepoli, Alyssa Brinkman; Carolyn Smith (Advisor)

Kangaroo Care During the Golden Hour

Emily Herman, Cassie Potter; Lori Trammel (Advisor)

Prevention Techniques for Rejection in Pediatric Transplant Patients

Allie Robbins, Kayla Rolfes, Katie Bercz, Nicole Barger, Zachary Bryant, Morgan Radcliff; Deborah Schwytzer (Advisor)

Medical Marijuana: A Brief Introduction for Sophomore Nursing Students

Haylee Kupiec, Lauren Pearson, Kendall Supinger, Ellie Thonnings, Amanda Scheurle, Whitney Gazar; Tamara Brockman (Advisor)

The Fifth Vital Sign: Evaluating the Accuracy of Pain Assessment in Adolescents

Lizzie Spaulding, Savannah Shenk; Joeseph Perazzo (Advisor)

Story Grammar Elements of African American English Speaking Preschoolers

Sophia Antunes, Jasmine Beltran, Maria Klumb; Nancy Creaghead (Advisor)

Schwann cell activation modulates the response properties of cutaneous nociceptors.

Matthew Barbara, Alison Reynolds, Kelli McGuire, Gabrielle Firestone, Kristen Dairymple, Quian-Jie Fu; Fawen Zhang (Advisor)

Residency Programs for New Graduate Nurses

Allyson Vosler, Rachel Buescher, Ryan Gehringer, Mason Bowser; Carolyn Smith (Advisor)

Active Brain Regions During Conscious Control of Gait

Alli Horning, Thomas McQuaid; Pierce Boyne (Advisor)

Comparative Analysis of Stress Exposure in Ticks

Alexis Steele, Joshua Benoit, Sam Bailey, Kennan Oyen; Joshua Benoit (Advisor)

DEK Loss Impairs Learning and Memory Without Altering Neuronal Cell Density

Lydia Gall, Allie Greene, Matia Solomon, Valentina Ghisays; Matia Solomon (Advisor)

Energy Transfer Photoreactivity of Alkyl Azide Derivatives in Crystals

Justin Cifuentes; Anna Gudmundsdottir (Advisor)

Olfaction within the Asian Citrus Psyllid

Francis DiFrank; Joshua Benoit (Advisor)

Brain Activation during Perturbed Walking

Jacob McGlaughlin, Nicholas Ferrera; Pierce boyne (Advisor)

Importance of Song in an Urban-adapted Songbird

Sydnie Casey; Ron Canterbury (Advisor)

Study of Clinical Practices of Patient-Transfer Techniques Impacting Efficiency and Safety

Macy Michel, Jenna Kreinbrink, Catherine Woods; Susan Kotowski (Advisor)

Avian mortalities due to window collisions at the University of Cincinnati

Ashley Conway, Kayla Ferdelman; Susanna Tong (Advisor)

Approaching Solutions to Rural Health Disparities

Natasha Rodriguez; Michelle Reutter (Advisor)

Sox 8 Gene Deletion Affect on Executive Function in Mice

Seamus Whitford; Brittany Smith (Advisor)

Positive effects of Medical marijuana for pain management of acute and chronically ill patients

Katherine Hanley, Catherine Scott, Hailey Limoges, Cassandra Lee; Deborah Schwytzer (Advisor)

All-in-One Experience Magazine

Erin McCaffrey, Michael Canaan, Sara Latif; Michael Sharp (Advisor)

Cincinnati Union Bethel Social Media Management Project.

Christian LeDuc , Leah Miller , Emma Schutty ; Jenny Jones (Advisor)

Communicating vital aspects of cybersecurity in the nonprofit sector

Sabre Campbell, Taylor Mock, Claire Pazynski; Michael Sharp (Advisor)

Persuasion and Civic Engagement: The Facts Behind Rising Tuition at UC

Parker Cellura, Robin Courts, Jeniffer Keyser; Michael Sharp (Advisor)

Analyzing Fatherhood Engagement in Child Welfare

Isabel Renner; Gary Dick (Advisor)

How Teaching Assistants can help Professors efficiently in the classroom

Jessica Brenneman, Maggie Fada; Carney Sotto (Advisor)

St. Vincent de Paul Case Relation Management (CRM) Adaptions

Jack Crider, Kendall Trudeau, Alex Eatides; Michael Sharp (Advisor)

Metallomics Study of the molecular mechanism of trained immunity in primary immune cells

Kathleen Candor, Kavitha Subramanian Vignesh; Julio Landero Figueroa (Advisor)

Postpartum Hemorrhage Risk in Subsequent Births

Jenna Byrne, Elizabeth Wiedeman, Sarah Merz, Sarah Price; Lori Trammel (Advisor)

The Fifth Vital Sign: Evaluating the Accuracy of Pain Assessment in Adolescents

Allyson Grabosky , Sarah Wygant , Kaelyn Lynch ; Joseph Perazzo (Advisor)

The Impact of Implementing Cultural Beliefs into End of Life Care

Brooke Owens, Rachel Pound; Rosalind Moore (Advisor)

The Impact of In-utero Opioid Exposure on Speech, Language, and Feeding in Early Childhood

Laura Johnston, Samantha Wesley; Erin Redle Sizemore (Advisor)

UC Student Guide: An App by Students, for Students

Minh Anh Nguyen, Allison Meier, Emma Masla; Cedrick Kwuimy (Advisor)

The Bearcats Pantry Food Recovery Network

Ahmed Ashraf, Abbi Wells, Seth Reichenbach; Francis Russell (Advisor)

Effect of Foot Placement on Recruitment of the Gluteus Medius During a Barbell Squat

Fadhil Hussain, Kelsey Jones, Noah Gray; Rachel Gleason (Advisor)

Acquisition of Complex Motor Skills in the Non-Dominant hand

Malerie Mysza, Anna Livecchi, Hima Devgan, Morgan Weber, Kennedy Quinlan, Nicole Brant, Audrey Brack, Claire Combs, Keegan Gawelek; Susan Kotowski (Advisor)

Improve Infant Suffering Through Education

Gabrielle Neric, Lauren Paskey, Isabella Albu, Kelley Mikut, Jenna Scott, Maggie Galloway; Donna Green (Advisor)

Effects of Foot Placement on Activation of Hip Muscles During a Barbell Squat

Kelsey Jones, Fadhil Hussain, Shannon Bockey, Maddie Miller, Noah Gray, Lydia Sanders; Rachel Gleason (Advisor)

Urban Heat Island Effect on Monarch Butterfly Migratory Routes

Rachel Rieger, Adam Parlin; Patrick Guerra (Advisor)

Pure-B Filtering by Messenger Method

Michael Ray; Colin Bischoff (Advisor)

Coping with Identity Threats: Student Responses and Impact on Well-Being and Stress

Yishan Wei, Caroline George, Dalton Spurlin; Stacie Furst-Holloway (Advisor)

Glutamate Receptor Expression After Traumatic Brain Injury In A Rat Model Of Depression

Maxon Knott, Noah Ziemba, Jennifer McGuire, Erika Correll; Laura Ngwenya (Advisor)

Metallomics of clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma in long term tobacco smoking patients identifies a different metabolic signature

Dina Secic, Julio Landero, Maria Czyzyk-Krzeska, James Reigle, Mario Medvedovic, Jarek Meller; Julio Landero (Advisor)

Development of a RNA-Guided Drug Delivery System

Jacob Stump, David Smithrud, Guerni Paolo; Pheruza Tarapore (Advisor)

Chronic Stress in College Students across Countries

Kimberly Yeboah, Kathryrn Francis, Lucy Wess Yauss, Laura Hofmeyer, Amisha Patel; Rachel Smith-Steinert (Advisor)

Behavioral Effects of Pre-Natal Opioid Exposure in Mice

Ally Hassler, Brittany Smith, Teresa Reyes; Brittany Smith (Advisor)

Selenium and Neem oil accumulation in aquaponics systems

Zach Fyan, Aline Pereira de Oliveira; Julio Landero (Advisor)

Risk Management Regarding Scope of Practice for Healthcare Providers and Students Abroad

Amanda Lowe, Lily Marrero , Kelsey Hillard, Garret Aini, Nicole Holtz, Andrew Cunningham, Abigail Peters, Emily Spengler; Kate York (Advisor)

The Hopewell Comet Airburst Event

Maria Saniel-Banrey; Kenneth Tankersley (Advisor)

Zero Hunger, Zero Waste: Dining Hall Food Redistribution

Sahaja Ampolu , Nithya Trichy, Emma Duhamel; Francis Russell (Advisor)

The Navigation System of a Fiddler Crab

Cydney Chappelle; John Layne (Advisor)

Web Design Consulting for Bearcat Promise Career Studio

Caroline Edens, Azuree Carrington, Shuhao Yang; Michael Sharp (Advisor)

Redefining Time-Sensitive Care in an Emergency Department

Monica Durstock, Mandy Schnetzer, Morgan Hegenbarth, Jessie Miller, Kiersten Bair; Deborah Schwytzer (Advisor)

Self Sustainability: Bearcats Going Green

Chiara Meier, Kifaya Mureb, Jacob Knechtly; Michael Sharp (Advisor)

Engagement Campaign for Camping & Education Foundation

Candace Wade, Nick McMillan, Melissa Heise; Michael Sharp (Advisor)

PTSD Symptom Clusters and Crime Victimization

Anna Johns, Miguel Nunez (with tilde over second "n"), Jacob Feldman, Jacob Habib, Farrah Jacquez; Miguel Nu–ez (Advisor)

Healthy Eating & Exercise for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Christine Serbinski, Samantha Kappes; Laura Nabors (Advisor)

Asian Citrus psyllid expression and corrections of Aquaproin Genes

Alexander Stafford , Madison M Senna, Kitty MR Perentesis, Matthew T Weirauch, Surya Saha, Prashant Hosmani, Lukas A Mueller, Susan Brown, Joshua Benoit; Joshua Benoit (Advisor)

Criminal Behavior and Genetics

Brooke Cooper; J.C Barnes (Advisor)

Endotracheal Tube with Adjustable Length

Alexander Kuhn; Peter Campbell (Advisor)

LAMP-2: Supersonic Business Jet

Tobin Anderson; Rodrigo Villalva (Advisor)