The Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase is an annual event where students from across the University share their scholarly work in the form of poster, podium, and virtual presentations. At this multidisciplinary event, students are instructed and coached to develop presentations for audiences of all backgrounds and expertise. The 2022 Showcase was a hybrid event, consisting of both virtual and in-person presentations, including pre-recorded Video Presentations, in-person Podium Presentations, in-person Poster Presentations, and a virtual Capstone Competition.  Seven University of Cincinnati faculty members were awarded Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentorship. 

Artifacts from 129 projects are published in this Showcase Proceedings. In addition to project titles and abstracts, submissions include posters, essays, links to video presentations and more. Because of the large number of submissions, the projects are separated into 12 categories: 

  • Cellular & Chemical Worlds
  • Community & Cultural Connections
  • Digital Futures
  • Ecosystems & Biodiversity
  • Health & Body
  • Medical interventions
  • Natural World
  • New Frontiers
  • Sensing & Sensory Sytems
  • Stress, Trauma, & Addiction
  • Systemic Challenges
  • Youth in Society

Notes regarding the Capstone Competition, Pre-recorded Presentations, and Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring are located at the bottom of the page.

Because several projects address topics that fit into more than one category, the search bar is provided to help locate specific projects.    


Published: 2022-08-31

Does It Matter When You Exercise? The Impact on Morale

Ian McCulloch, Vincent Gerrish, Cassidy Jenkins; Susan Kotowski (Advisor)

Effects of Various Pre-Test Taking Strategies on Cognitive Performance

Jenna Burns, Audrey Bard, Mykah Long; Susan Kotowski (Advisor)

Promoting Mental Health in Socially Isolated Older Adults Through Telehealth

Kate Stark, Kayla Wiley, Jake Waters; Caroline Morrison (Advisor)

Prevention and Management of ICU Delirium

Emma Belsley, Kristen Stueve, Sarah Sullivan; Caroline Morrison (Advisor)

Impact of Mindfulness Strategies on Nurse Burnout

Abby Ribar, Madison Donohue, Brooke Niederegger; Caroline Morrison (Advisor)

Kangaroo Care: An Underutilized Tool in Neonatal Intensive Care

Hannah Dion, Ashley Weber, Emma Close, Qutaibah Oudat; Ashley Weber (Advisor)

Development of an Accessible Weather Condition Warning Alert and Prediction System

Giuliana Romani Cabrera, Daniel Kassahun Wassie, Dasash Endalk Belay; Cedric Kwuimy (Advisor)

CRISPR and Altering the Immune Response

Michael Thompson; Daniel Buchholz (Advisor)


Meena Timshina; Sun Yujie (Advisor)

On Novel Methods of Integrating Highly Oscillatory Functions

Nathan Catlett, Mason Hall, Prasanna Adhikari; Rockford Sison (Advisor)

Air and Ground Robotic Interaction

Rebecca Gilligan; Kelly Cohen (Advisor)

Influencing Bimanual Coordination By Changing Environmental Circumstances

Rediet Negatu, Benjamin Blackwood, Neil Swain, Lily Bokavitz, Jack Greenle; John Holden (Advisor)


Voice Monitoring App For Smartphones

rachel Roberts, Julie Panstares, Kelly Carraro; Victoria McKenna (Advisor)

The Study of Biomarkers in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Alexa Amato; Alberto Espay (Advisor)