The Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase is an annual event where students from across the University share their scholarly work in the form of poster, podium, and virtual presentations. At this multidisciplinary event, students are instructed and coached to develop presentations for audiences of all backgrounds and expertise. The 2022 Showcase was a hybrid event, consisting of both virtual and in-person presentations, including pre-recorded Video Presentations, in-person Podium Presentations, in-person Poster Presentations, and a virtual Capstone Competition.  Seven University of Cincinnati faculty members were awarded Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentorship. 

Artifacts from 129 projects are published in this Showcase Proceedings. In addition to project titles and abstracts, submissions include posters, essays, links to video presentations and more. Because of the large number of submissions, the projects are separated into 12 categories: 

  • Cellular & Chemical Worlds
  • Community & Cultural Connections
  • Digital Futures
  • Ecosystems & Biodiversity
  • Health & Body
  • Medical interventions
  • Natural World
  • New Frontiers
  • Sensing & Sensory Sytems
  • Stress, Trauma, & Addiction
  • Systemic Challenges
  • Youth in Society

Notes regarding the Capstone Competition, Pre-recorded Presentations, and Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring are located at the bottom of the page.

Because several projects address topics that fit into more than one category, the search bar is provided to help locate specific projects.    


Published: 2022-08-31

The Archaeology of Troy

Andrew Rivadeneira; Jeffrey Kramer

Connecting Communities in Tanzania to Cincinnati

Village Life Travel App

Reegan Clark, Karamia Kranzley, Emma Kahmann, Binod Dahal, Mark Welch; Michael Sharp

Inclusive Language

What Is It and Why Do Non-Profit Organizations Need It?

Lydia Whiteford, Grace Lanzotti, Emily Mays, Landen Boulding, Tracy Ritze; Michael Sharp

Village Life Outreach Project

School Garden Project

Mischelle Price, Erin Evens, Augusta Hooks; Michael Sharp

Village Life Outreach Project

School Garden Project

Lauren Labanc, Alicia Cundiff, Olivia Cole; Michael Sharp

Village Life Student Board

Cassidy Mayse, Grace Holliday, Anna Vincent, Whinti Mcnay, Ishan Rayka; Michael Sharp

Policies and Procedures of Village Life Outreach Project

Jaylon Warren, Alex Ames; Michael Sharp

Policies and Procedures of Village Life Outreach Project

Stephanie Matuszak, Mirand House, Micaela Goldstein, Michael Sharp

Virtual International Collaborative Experience Program (VICEP)

Samuel Effah-Abrefah, Favour Kongyu, Henock Endalew, Blen Sintayhu, Hilawi Waleign; Cedrick Kwuimy

Bridging Campus Video Production Facilities to Produce UC Sports Content

Caitlyn Zieleniewski; Jack Bolander, Joe Brackman

Evaluating the Effects of Exclosures on Spring Ephemerals in Cincinnati Parks

Jordan Gerda, Max Lackey, Lillie Braun, Grace Edmonston, Jack Fogle, Sara Langworthy, Nathan Pack, Sean Pettit, Hayden Pittock; Stephen Matter

The Relationship Between White-Tail Deer Intensity and Invasive Flora in Cincinnati Parks

Nathan Pack, Hayden Pittock, Lillian Braun, Grace Edmonston, Jack Fogle, Jordan Gerda, Max Lackey, Sara Langworthy, Sean Pettit; Stephen Matter

Near and Deer

How Does White-Tailed Deer Overabundance Affect the Floristic Quality of Urban Habitats?

Jack Fogle, Lillie Braun, Grace Edmonston, Sara Langworthy, Nathan Pack, Sean Pettit, Hayden Pittock, Jordan Gerda, Max Lackey; Stephen Matter

Effects of Stream Restoration on Macroinvertebrate Biodiversity

Brandon Anson, Jazz Vaughn, Colin Hoerth; Kenneth Petren

Effects of Stream Restoration on Stream Habitat Structure and Biodiversity

Joseph Mangan, Colin Barrett, Jake Lawrence; Kenneth Petren