The Role of Toronto’s NeighborhoodLandscape Characteristics in Facilitating Outdoor Play During the COVID-19 Outbreak


  • Cibele Carla Souza Donato
  • Robert C. Corry
  • Sarah A. Moore
  • Raktim Mitra
  • Leigh Vanderloo


active play, child friendly neighborhood, landscape affordances, participACTION, physical activity


This article explores the relationship of neighborhoodlandscape characteristics on outdoor playfor children living in Toronto during the COVID-19 pandemic. We used a nation-wide onlinesurveythat reported changes in outdoor activities in and analyzedresponses in relation to landscape affordances that facilitateoutdoor play. Results show that living in areas with more landscape structures and higher population density is associated with greater declinesin outdoor activities, and children who used neighborhood trails were more likely to show an increase in outdoor activities during the first wave of COVID-19. This indicates that landscape characteristics may support children’s physical activity when playgrounds are closed.