The Perfect Schoolyard for Future Children

Primary School Children’s Participation in Envisioning Workshops


  • Ellen Almers
  • Per Askerlund
  • Tobias Samuelsson


envisioning, primary school, schoolyard, affordances, environmental qualities, model-making, participatory envisioning workshop


This Swedish study investigates how primary school children’s perspectives on a “good schoolyard” can be illuminated through envisioning workshops using model-making. In addition to advocating for the qualities and affordances of the standard schoolyard equipment, children also suggested and constructed new features affording playing with domestic animals, being in peace and quiet in tree houses, picking fruit, and using digital playgrounds.For the children to go beyond reproducing the features, environmental qualities, and affordances of their current schoolyards, they needed plenty of time for communication and hands-on activities, opportunities to relax, imagine, and receive input and inspiration from others’ experiences.