Characterizingthe Available Outdoor Spaces and Their Use in South Australian Public Primary Schools


  • Nicole C. Miller
  • Saravana Kumar
  • Karma L. Pearce
  • Katherine L. Baldock


nature play, nature-based learning, outdoor learning, children, nature play space, outdoor space


Purpose-built nature play spaces are popular in schoolsaround the globe; however, little is known about their distribution and usein South Australia. School staff representing 52 South Australian public primary schools participated in an online survey. Half(56%) of included schools were metropolitan. Half (52%) wereeconomically advantaged. Purpose-built nature play spaces were present, plannedor in construction in 88% of schools in the study. No significant associations were found between the presence of a purpose-built nature play or natural space and school characteristics. These findings show widespread uptake of purpose-built nature play spaces and suggest most South Australian schools have facilities to provide nature-based play and learning.