“I Connect with Nature Every Day”

Brazilian Children and Their Contact with Nature during the COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Christiane F.S. Macena
  • Iani D. Lauer-Leite
  • Maria Inês G. Higuchi
  • Jorge Antonio S. Costa
  • Jailson S. Novais


connection with nature, contact with nature, childhood, experiences with nature


Contact with nature contributes to children’s healthy development, promotes their well-being, and leads to environmentally friendly behaviors. This study investigated 50 Brazilian children and their contact with nature during the COVID-19 pandemic. The qualitative study used metapresential focus groups to collect data, which were analyzed using the Discourse of the Collective Subject technique. Results indicate that children had frequent contact with nature during the COVID-19 pandemic because they had more free time and realized the importance of staying close to nature during social isolation. Such results suggest a (re)connection with nature.