Call for Reviewers


***Call For Reviews***

Focus on German Studies, Vol. 23, Issue 1.

Focus on German Studies is currently seeking graduate student book reviewers for its upcoming volume. As a peer-reviewed graduate student journal, Focus has been dedicated to providing an outlet and discussion forum for the work of graduate students. Focus publishes original research articles as well as reviews of newly-released German literature and secondary literature relating to German Studies. Reviewers will ideally have previous coursework and / or research experience in the field they intend to review and are asked to include this information with

their request. It is therefore requested that a reviewer sends along a brief communication outlining the potential reviewer's previous experience and knowledge regarding the topic at hand or a current CV with his or her request. Books selected for review have been chosen in an attempt to include many facets of the current scholarship being published under the rubric of German Studies broadly.

Focus on German Studies will be publishing its twenty-third volume this academic year, and will soon have its twenty-first annual conference. For a current list of books available for review, please refer to the following web address:

More information about the Focus journal can be found here:

Focus will also accept suggestions for books and other media to review. We will do our best to acquire a review copy.

Reviews may be in either English or German and must follow MLA conventions, with endnotes and works cited.

Those interested in a reviewing a book, should contact the Book Review Editor, Katherine H. Paul, at

Reviews are due on May 20, 2016.