Focus and Scope

The objective of this journal is to publish articles focused on promoting student learning. Articles should address themes around promoting effective practices in teaching and learning. The Journal reflects the breadth of the work in the scholarship of teaching and learning. We accept articles in the following categories.

  • Data-Driven Studies: formal research projects using appropriate empirical methods for examining a particular research question. Acceptable articles establish a research rigor that leads to significant new understanding of pedagogy.
  • Literature Reviews: reviews should illuminate new relationships and understanding of the area under review. Literature reviews include meta-analysis, analytical and integrated reviews.
  • Case Studies: case studies should focus on an intense analysis of a specific teaching situation or problem that led to a solution. Case studies should have the following components:
    1. description of the teaching situation or problem
    2. solution or solutions attempted
    3. quantitative or qualitative assessment of the effectiveness of the solution
    4. reflection on the implications
    5. possible generalization to other settings or populations

Peer Review Process

The author will receive an acknowledgement receipt at submission of the manuscript. After a brief editorial review to determine the manuscript's appropriateness for the journal, the manuscript will will be blind peer-reviewed by two members of the Review Board against established criteria. The review process will take 2 or 3 months. At the conclusion of the review process authors will receive notification regarding the status of their manuscripts: accept as is, revise and resubmit, or do not accept, in addition to substantive feedback from the reviewers.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Journal History

The Academy of Fellows for Teaching and Learning (AFTL) is a University of Cincinnati (UC) organization that promotes scholarly teaching and learning.  It is affiliated with the University Center for Teaching Enhancement, the UC Blue Ash College Learning and Teaching Center, and the Provost’s Office. The Academy receives ten nominees for membership each year from faculty applications across all colleges of the University.

The AFTL strives to place students at the center, grow research excellence in the scholarship of teaching and learning, achieve academic excellence, and forge key relationships that advance pedagogy at the University of Cincinnati. Members of the Academy will:

  • Honor and reward faculty who demonstrate excellence in pedagogical practice, research, development, and scholarship.

  • Provide leadership in improving the quality and depth of the learning experience for students.

  • Encourage pedagogical methods that encourage more learning-centered engagement with UC’s students.

  • Advance and foster scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

  • Develop relationships and partnerships to help UC to become a educational reform leader.

  • Advise and communicate to the administration issues related to the instructional mission of the university.

  • Encourage pedagogical innovation, experimentation, evaluation and assessment.

  • Develop and disseminate models of teaching that foster student learning.

  • Conduct university-wide events on teaching effectiveness.

  • Serve as mentors to faculty desiring to enhance their teaching effectiveness.

  • Work with and serve as a resource to the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning.