Pedagogical Collaboration During Crisis

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Dakota Horn
James Farrell
Shannon Sandoval
Brad Elward
Tia Collins
Andrew Eilola
Samantha Dunn


This narrative focuses on the need for more faculty collaboration on how to adapt our teaching. The authors include a course director, adjunct faculty, and full-time faculty sharing one issue they had and how it was resolved using collaboration. Cultural shifts in the classroom and in the training for the classroom must involve cooperation from various perspectives. The authors answer how we help each other by sharing the process they used, the positive results from a community culture, and the concrete outcomes others can use.  Each was asked to reflect on issues, successes, and cultural ramifications for the classroom resulting from a pedagogical collaboration process. The authors share those perspectives individually and then provide a unified vision for how to implement and best adjust to the cultural shift in the classroom and how pedagogical collaboration can help us adjust.

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