Pedagogical pivots to promote inclusion in a summer bridge program

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Brianna N. Mack
Ashley R. Kennard
Dawn Chisebe
Phokeng M. Dailey


In this essay we talk about how an exchange between a local resident and program faculty caused said faculty to shift their focus for the rest of the experential learning trip.  As instructors for a bridge program targetting indivdiuals from historically marginalized communities, we use collaborative teaching to promote interdisciplinary thinking.  The comprehensive collaboration style is a pedagologial endeavor we can only pursue during this Summer Bridge Program.  We reflect on the value of our ability to pivot while teaching in the environment.  We link it to our collaborative pedagogy and and its usefulness to teach inclusivity by challenging prior notions of historical memory.   

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Brianna N. Mack, Ohio Wesleyan University

Assistant Professor of Politics and Government

Ashley R. Kennard, Ohio Wesleyan University

Assistant Professor of Communication

Dawn Chisebe, Ohio Wesleyan University

Chief Diversity Officer, Co-director of Summer Bridge Program and Instructor in the Department of Africana, Gender and Identity Studies

Phokeng M. Dailey, Ohio Wesleyan University

Associate Professor of Communication