Calculus Redesign to Include Recitation Activities and its Effect on Student Success

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Jacob Dasinger Madhuri Mulekar Audi Byrne


In an attempt to increase content knowledge and improve overall success rates in Calculus 1, the University of South Alabama piloted a redesign of the course in the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters.  The main emphasis of the redesign was increasing contact hours from 4 to 5 per week and implementing the use of graduate teaching assistants twice a week for recitation.  After two semesters, an analysis of common exam questions and overall course grades revealed significant improvements in both areas when comparing redesign to traditional sections.  The use of graduate teaching assistants also proved to be more cost efficient to the university.  The initial findings resulted in implemented the redesign model in all Calculus 1 sections.  Future implementations are also discussed.

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