Annotated Bibliography: Disability Studies and the place of diversity within the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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Joanna C Rankin Sarosh Sawani


This annotated bibliography has been shaped by the recognition of a relationship between the contemporary focus of diversity and social justice in SoTL and the role of teaching and learning in the field of Disability Studies. Considering the relevance of SoTL to the study of disability and to students and faculty with disabilities, this selection of literature identifies key topics that take up current teaching and learning theories and practices around diversity and social justices, as well as pointing to multiple intersections between these two areas. Specifically, readings included in this bibliography provide an overview of current literature in SoTL and Disability Studies and identify a recent heightened interest in the pursuit of social justice and diversity in post-secondary environments. Annotations review the bases of these two philosophies, as they relate to teaching and learning, explore the role of post-secondary students with disabilities in this context and provide a discussion of future directions

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Sarosh Sawani

Sarosh was an undergraduate student in the Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies program at the Unviersity of Calgary. As part of a practicum she worked on this annotated bibliography with her supervisor, Joanna Rankin. Sarosh graduated from with her Bachelor's of Community Rehabilitaiton in 2018.