About the Journal

The Journal for the Study of Cooperative and Experiential Education (JSCEE) explores inquiry about all modes of experiential education in higher education and prioritizes the publication of scholarship that explores interdisciplinary perspectives related to reflection and assessment of experiential learning, innovative models for career preparation and student employment, creative pedagogical methods and practice, and impact of experiential education on students and stakeholders such as industry/community partners.

Published twice annually in open access, all articles published pass editorial review and double-blind peer-reviews. Submissions are welcomed from any academic discipline are accepted, and practitioner inquiry conducted in partnership with students or industry/community partners is especially encouraged. 

Our aim is to highlight scholarship that seeks to better understand how universities can expand the boundaries of the traditional classroom to better prepare all learners to thrive at all stages of their education al and professional journeys.


The journal publishes multiple forms of manuscripts related to the field of experiential learning:

  • Research Articles: These articles report on findings of empirical studies related to all fields of experiential learning. Research articles should be theory-based and well-grounded in relevant research literature. Articles can be quantitative, qualitative, or mixed approaches. 
  • Method and Theory Articles: These articles introduce a system of ideas intended to advance the understanding, explanation, or exploration of a field related to experiential learning and career education.
  • Case Study and Practical Applications: These articles include case studies of different practices used within the classroom, workshops, activities, in partnership with employers or community partners, etc. Submissions of this type are encouraged to include the impact of their work and suggestions for future advancement.
  • Student Voices: Articles submitted by students sharing their experiences in relation to experiential learning. Students are encouraged to have a mentor in experiential learning to guide them through this process.
  • Community Perspectives: Articles submitted by community partners which describe or analyze an experiential learning initiative.
  • Dissertation Overviews: Writers are encouraged to submit dissertation overviews of completed work relevant to the work and mission of JSCEE.
  • Book Reviews: Professional review of book publications related to the mission of JSCEE.


We look forward to sharing our inaugural issue of The Journal of Cooperative and Experiential Education during Spring 2025.