Creating Space for Diverse Design Culture in First Year Studio


  • Maya Desai OCAD University
  • Angelika Seeschaaf Veres OCAD University
  • Nancy Snow OCAD University


At the onset of the pilot study, the authors collected a small sample of data on current teaching and learning practices at OCAD University with a focus on 'cultural diversity' within the studio classroom.?The intent was to investigate the current state of 'cultural diversity' in studio practice seen from two perspectives: faculty and students. The first part of the study asked the question “What are the current efforts on the part of faculty and what, if any, are the design-specific-pedagogical approaches they use that relate to ‘cultural diversity’?” See the conference proceedings from NCBDS 2017 []. While faculty interviews?uncovered predominant themes and levels of faculty engagement in relation to 'cultural diversity', the question arose as to whether or not students’ expectations and experiences aligned in similar ways. Therefore, this paper seeks to address the question, "What are student experiences and expectations in context to ‘cultural diversity’ with respect to their studio-based learning in first-year-design education?"