Double Exposure Aligning the Profession and the Discipline


Ashlie Latiolais
Jonathan Boelkins


To further highlight the disparity between architectural education and skills required in practice and the importance of a pedagogical bridge between them, more than two thirds of the students surveyed in the Professional Practice courses considered here expressed interest in having their own practice.  While unlikely that so many will in fact develop their own firm, the vast majority will still need the broad skill set required to advance in the profession, most of which are not directly developed in their architectural education.  A focused and strategic combination of academic and professional experience has the potential to create graduates that are more adaptable and broadly capable than through academic experience alone.  Professional Practice courses in particular become an obvious venue for discussing and exploring the disparity between the skills provided by the architectural academy and the skills required by the profession.  Therefore, integrating professional experience and a broader comprehension of the skills required in practice into architectural education will be increasingly necessary as the skills required for creating and practicing architecture continue to broaden and deepen. 


Academy and Practice