Transmedial Time Constructs

Four Causes for Accidents in the Making


  • Federica Goffi Carleton University
  • Adriana Ross Carleton University


The first year undergraduate drawing and multimedia courses at the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism at Carleton University, challenge a current understanding of drawing as image production through the use of a single dominant medium, portraying mirror-likes of future buildings that fix the ending of the design process. This arguably reduces drawing to a final representation, processing prematurely finished images of architecture. Conversely, transmediality places attention in changes of media that create gaps to foster the construction of ideas. Living in a culture of dead-lines, finished images, and limited budgets, the imagination of drawing and building in time are fast eliding. These considerations on transmediality propose that an imagination of endings is replaced by an imagination of beginnings, revealing the inherently unfinished character of architectural representation.