About the Journal

Upon publication of the ICPA 2020 posterbook, each papers will have an individual DOI for subsequent citation/reference. 



To prepare your long abstract, a template will be available on the ICPA XXI website. Long abstracts should have a maximum of 1600 and will amount to 4 printed pages in the poster book. Word counts exclude the title, authors, and affiliations, but include all other text from the first word of the introduction to the last word of the acknowledgments (or References if there are no Acknowledgements).

The number of words must be reduced if you choose to include tables/figures. If you use tables/figures, subtract 200 words per table/figure from the maximum number of words (1600) to determine the paper length.

0 Tables/Figures = 1600 words

1 Tables/Figures = 1400 words

2 Tables/Figures = 1200 word

3 Tables/Figures = 1000 words

*The Editors reserve the right to edit papers for length if necessary.

Step-by-step instructions for posterbook submission

1. Download template (.doc file) from the ICPA 2020 website: Click Here (Long Abstract Submission)

2. Submit completed poster paper as an 'Long Poster Abstract' in the Submission portal. 

3. Enter metadata, including: title, abstract (just include the title), contributors (coauthors), and keywords (after incuding each keyword, press enter). 

4. Submission will be assigned to a designated ICPA scientific committee reviewer, who will provide one round of review. 

5. Authors will be alerted when the review is complete, and if provisionally accepted, will be given until (due date) to complete the revisions. All revisions will be reviewed by the editorial team and may be sent back to authors if review comments were not adequately attended to in the revisions.