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  • Fernand Baudin
  • Philippe Schuwer

Author Biographies

  • Fernand Baudin
    Fernand Baudin (64 rue du Village, Bonlez par Grez-Doiceau, Belgium) since 1954 has been typographic adviser with the Brussels branch of the Amsterdam Type Foundry. Recent publications include Book Typography 1815-1965 (chapter on Belgium) (London: Benn Ltd., 1966 ); catalogue and exhibition "Stanley Morison and the Typographic Tradition" (Brussels: Royal Library, 1965); and La Lettre d' Imprimerie (Brussels, 1965).
  • Philippe Schuwer
    Philippe Schuwer (Les Grandes Coudraics, Gif-sur-Yvettc, France) is artistic and technical director of Cercle du Livre Precieux and of Editions Tchou. Editor of Conception et Graphisme du Livre, and of Positions et Propositiorls de Graphistes, he has published in the form of articles a "Psychologic de I'art graphique," and numerous studies on typography and legibility. He has just written Histoire de Ia Publicite (Rencontre, 1966).






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