Type Design for the Computer Age


  • Wim Crouwel


Although typography has always reflected the cultural pattern of its period, today's typefaces and typographic design are a reflection of the past, not of contemporary society. We must think in terms of our electronic media and contemporary forms of expression. A suggested approach for designing today's typography-based on a cell or unit system-is discussed and illustrated.

Author Biography

  • Wim Crouwel
    Wim Crouwel is founder/partner of Associatie voor Total Design in Amsterdam (Herengracht 567). He is co-designer for the Dutch pavilion at the World Fair EXPO 70 at Osaka, Japan, and has designed other international exhibitions. Since 1963 he has been in charge of designing posters and catalogues for the Municipal Musea of Amsterdam. He teaches typography, has lectured in many countries, and has been secretary general of ICOGRADA.






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