The Tacit Exhibition

An Experimental Display of Graphic Design Knowledge


  • Halldór Björn Halldórsson


Typography, Exhibition Design, Design Knowledge


This article presents the Tacit exhibition, which formed the final part of a PhD thesis in graphic design, defended in June 2022. Building on the thesis’ theme of knowledge externalization in graphic design, the exhibition was an experimental approach toward knowledge dissemination – an attempt to engage an audience otherwise not exposed to research within the field and to explore alternative ways of sharing research outcomes. The exhibition was a design study in itself and could be defined as a participatory study, as the author was present throughout the exhibition, interacting with visitors and simultaneously gathering material about the experience of the exhibition. The article presents the methodology behind the exhibition, its contents, and the outcomes of the project.

Author Biography

Halldór Björn Halldórsson

Halldór Björn Halldórsson, Postdoctoral researcher at the Luleå University of Technology. Background in graphic design, advertising and marketing. Primary research focus on experiential knowledge in graphic design, how it can be externalized and made shareable. Currently working on a design study that includes professional designers and their clients, that aims to shed light on the efficacy of designer / client communication





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