We are aware that many authors hesitate to submit articles to Visible Language because of: 

- unfamiliarity with academic publishing processes, 
- inexperience writing articles, 
- fear of rejection. 

The first two are normal in emerging disciplines like design, and the fear of rejection is applicable to all academic publications. To achieve our mission to develop a body of visual communication design knowledge we need to also cultivate design scholars, so Visible Language has put in place a coaching system to encourage, advise, and assist authors to get a manuscript up to a publishable level.  

When you have an idea, a summary, or a complete manuscript, the first step is to contact Visible Language Editor Mike Zender.  

You can request coaching, or Mike will do a quick review and may recommend coaching. If you agree, Mike will put you in contact with a member of the editorial board with expertise in your topic area. He or she will read your text, make suggestions, provide general advice, and bring you into contact with people and other literature. In other words, this member of the editorial board will coach you through the publication process. 

Once your manuscript is ready for review and is formally submitted, your manuscript will go through the formal peer-review process where two peer reviewers plus the editor will review your manuscript and provide comments, advice, and a recommendation about publication. 

After the reviews come back, the coach will help you to consider the comments of the reviewers. The coach cannot guarantee that the article will be published – that is up to the editor and the peer reviewers. However, the coach can guarantee support and help throughout the process.