Prepartion for Production

Visible Language print journal is 6 X 9” (single page). 

All images for print must be 300 dpi grayscale and 30 px wide, or smaller if you intend the image to be less than full page width. Images in the print edition are black and white while the on-line journal is color. If you wish your article to have color images in the online version, separate RGB color image files with the same file name as the grayscale images with the addition of the word “color” to the filename. 

Please use the following styles in Word as you prepare your manuscript for production: 

  • normal 
  • Heading 1 
  • Heading 2 
  • Heading 3 
  • Heading 4 
  • references 
  • captions 

Using these styles will facilitate accurate conversion of your accepted manuscript to print and web production.