Types of Articles

Research Reports 

As a journal committed to advancing design, our focus is research excellence, and as such we seek to publish Research Reports. Our Research Report Review Template has review categories for assessing the significance of the topic including:  

Significance: broadly applicable, important, lasting impact 
Novelty: unique, distinct, narrowly focused  
Interest: understandable, useful, stimulate change

Our reviewers are likewise asked to evaluate research quality, including: 


Informed Hypotheses 

Recognizing that much has yet to be learned and wanting to encourage exploration of novel ideas and directions, we also publish Informed Hypotheses that are based on findings from various sources and present significant observations that call for substantial investigation by possibly multiple researchers. Our Informed Hypotheses Review Template includes review categories for: 

Analysis: good insight from current research, documented observations, prior knowledge, and facts that identify knowledge needs and gaps 
Argument Quality: well-built arguments, good critical thinking and reflection 
Interpretation: well-built introduction, discussion and conclusions 
Communication: clear, well-structured, accessible to all VLs readers
Future Implications: possible impact, research questions and direction the flow from the hypothesis