The Acute Affects of Plyometric Activity on Collegiate Long Jumpers

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Nathan Lienhart Thomas Palmer


By Nathan Lienhart, Athletic Training

Advisor: Thomas Palmer

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Abstract: In the sport of long jump, the goal is to jump horizontally as far as possible. Factors that have a major impact on the outcome of the jump are the approach velocity and the takeoff angle. Long jumpers attempt to perfect all of this by repeating jumps multiple times during practice and before competitions. To say a long jumper is perfect in every aspect of the event, a question is present: how can they jump further? That's what I'm trying to answer. A theory is out there that performing plyometric activity between jumps will increase the performance of a long jumper. A technique called postactivation potentiation states that performing a quick high velocity/force activity and recovering for approximately 5 minutes, will increase the explosive performance of an athlete.

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