Medial Elbow Pain and Trunk Rotation in High School Baseball Pitchers

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Mackenzie Miles Thomas Palmer


By Mackenzie Miles, Athletic Training

Advisor: Thomas Palmer

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Abstract: The purpose of this project is to determine if trunk rotation effects baseball pitchers by causing them to have medial elbow pain. Overhead throwing sports have had an increase of upper extremity injuries over the past few decades. The biomechanical influences of trunk muscular strength and rotation create incremental biomechanical stressors on the muscles of the shoulder and elbow when throwing. This project will be performed by filming baseball pitchers, with and without elbow pain, and then assessing their amount of trunk rotation while they are pitching. I will be measuring rotation orthopedically such as with a goniometer and comparing range of motion between those with and without pain. I will be measuring the angle of their trunk rotation while pitching.

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