Self Perceptions in Risk Assessments

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Michaela Beno Sarah Manchak


By Michaela Beno, Criminal Justice

Advisor: Sarah Manchak

Presentation ID: PM_A31

Abstract: Practitioners are routinely called upon to assess patient/client risk for a variety of outcomes such as violence, suicide, and recidivism. Oftentimes, structured formal assessment can be resource intensive. Recent research suggests that patients/clients' own self-perceptions of these outcomes can be quite accurate. To date however, self-perceptions of violence and suicide risk have been studied but n+ot other outcomes that may be common to clinical and offender populations. This poster will present the results of two separate studies of individuals' self-perceptions: one assessing self-perceptions of risk for probation violation, and one assessing self-perceptions of risk for drug relapse. In addition to reporting indices of predictive accuracy, the poster will also present an analysis of the types of factors that can inhibit successful outcomes and influence the accuracy of these self-perceptions. Implications for routine practice will be discussed.

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PM Poster Session -- Great Hall -- A: Social Justice & Social Well-Being