College student stress and the effects of adult coloring books

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Briyanna Ashley Marissa Oehlhof


By Briyanna Ashley, psychology

Advisor: Marissa Oehlhof

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Abstract: Undergraduate college students are stressed due to classes, homework and finical aid problems. Not knowing how to reduce the stress because of all the work load them. Looking for ways to reduce stress, adult coloring books has said coloring can reduce stress. Prior research already showed that coloring reduce anxiety for children who family members or love ones went away for the army. The research will show the steps and producers I took to determine whether that adult coloring books reduce stress for college students. Before the students can participate in the research, they must complete a survey. The survey will include such questions "how often do you feel stress" or "how many classes do you take" .25 students will participate in the research. I will start off by taking their blood pressure and heart rate as soon a student gets done with class. The students will color for 45 minutes after that I will take their blood pressure and heart rate and determine if the adulting coloring do reduce stress.

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