The Eden Project

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Roy Kolbinsky Amy Townsend-Small


By Roy Kolbinsky, Environmental Studies

Advisor: Amy Townsend-Small

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Abstract: The earth has become a shadow of its former self. Consider Hamilton County, Ohio as it is today. A landscape of lawns, honeysuckle, asphalt and concrete is apparent almost everywhere. This barren, desert-like scenery stands in stark contrast to the lush, flourishing greenery that once stood here-a Garden of Eden-all but eradiated over the course of two centuries. People often complain of mosquitos, a lack of privacy, sweltering heat of the summer, and of an overall lack of aesthetics in their neighborhoods. All of these problems can be remedied through the planting of native plant species. Thus, the Eden Project will encourage 20 suburban households to each plant at least one native plant. Each household will be guided through the process of choosing a species to plant based on the conditions of their property and the traits of any given species.

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