How to Educate Future Nurses on Open Discussion about Helmet Safety and Motorcycles

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Marissa Jenkins Anna Lefler Hannah Parks Rosalind Moore


By Marissa Jenkins, Nursing; Anna Lefler, Nursing; Hannah Parks, Nursing

Advisor: Rosalind Moore

Presentation ID: PM_C21

Abstract: The intent of this projectwas to evaluatehow effective education on helmet use in motorcyclist is in reducingthe number of head injuries compared to motorcyclist who did not receive helmet education. Education has been provided to future nurseson helmet safety who will have directcontact with potential patientsin motorcyclist populations.The intent is to provide these students with resources and strategiesto educate effectively on helmet safety when they go into clinical settings.The goal is to increase helmet use by rerouting negative perspectives with the implication of education that works to overcome noncompliance barriers. Pre and posttestswereadministeredto evaluate education sessions effectiveness. Findings showed education sessions where beneficial however, thesupporting literature shows that legislation has a higher impact on helmet use then education.��Helmet compliance is not related to helmet educationbut more so to legislation.

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