Methods for Easing the Transition From Student to Nurse

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Hailey Young
Kyle Macgowan
Zachary Militello
Allison Colburn
Sabrina Bernardo
Paul Lewis
Jean Heiskell


By Hailey Young, Nursing; Kyle Macgowan, Nursing; Zachary Militello, Nursing; Allison Colburn, Nursing; Sabrina Bernardo, Nursing; Paul Lewis, University of Cincinnti

Advisor: Jean Heiskell

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Abstract: The transition of new graduate nurses from school to the profession is stressful. With the help of transition programs, research has shown that 73% of new graduate nurses who completed a residency program reported feeling more comfortable in their role as nurse. The purpose of our project was to inform new graduate nurses on the different types of transition programs, including role transition, residency, and mentorship, to increase their knowledge and confidence when selecting a future workplace. We plan to present an educational session to include insight of the stress in graduating and transitioning to a registered nurse, the importance of each program, including the purpose, benefits, and requirements for each, and points to ensure in a future workplaces offering program. After providing the educational program, we noted an increase in knowledge pertaining to the transition programs as well as an increase in confidence in students choosing a future workplace

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Category: Preparing and Sustaining Nursing Professionals