Educating Traditional Nursing Students on Safe Sleep Practices: Teaching Students How to Teach Parents

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Reilly Daniels
Grace Mansuetto
Emily Kemper
Elise Ash
Julia Dawson
Sierra Gostomsky
Paul Lewis


By Reilly Daniels, Nursing; Grace Mansuetto, Nursing; Emily Kemper, Nursing; Elise Ash, Nursing; Julia Dawson, Nursing; Sierra Gostomsky, Nursing

Advisor: Paul Lewis

Awards: Presenter Award: Excellence in Research Communication

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Abstract: Babies in Hamilton county die from sleep related causes at a rate almost double the national average. The purpose of our educational project is to educate nursing students in Hamilton county about effectively communicating with parents of newborns about safe sleep practices. While safe sleep education is already occurring in most areas, there is a gap between the education and parents accepting and implementing the practices in their family's lives. We created a PowerPoint and video about safe sleep importance and practices and how to better communicate this to parents. We also created a crib audit tool for the students to use to practice identifying safe sleep practices within their clinical setting. We evaluated the students on the effectiveness of our educational project with a pre- and post-survey. Prior to our education, students demonstrated sufficient knowledge on the ABCs of safe sleep and how to properly respond to unsafe sleep practices as an RN on select all that apply questions. Therefore, there was not a significant change in responses on the post-test. Where we did see a significant change was in our Likert scale questions in regards to confidence in identifying safe sleep practices and level of knowledge to effectively educate parents. The former went from 8.0 to 9.5 and the latter was 7.1 to 9.3. The increased scores on our Likert scale questions demonstrated that our education plan was effective in boosting the confidence and knowledge of students in this area of focus.

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