Improving Pediatric Registered Nurses Knowledge on Coping Skills and Available Resources Surrounding the Loss of a Patient

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Corinne Schuermann
Bailey Baker
Hailey Fox
Angela Vega
Hannah Willeke
Ally Douglas
Jeanine Goodin


By Corinne Schuermann, Nursing; Bailey Baker , Nursing ; Hailey Fox , Nursing ; Angela Vega, Nursing; Hannah Willeke, Nursing; Ally Douglas, Nursing

Advisor: Jeanine Goodin

Awards: Presenter Award: Excellence in Research Communication

Presentation ID: 304

Abstract: Pediatric registered nurses are not properly prepared for the stressors that are associated with the loss of a patient. Adequate knowledge surrounding effective ways to reduce these stressors can minimize the negative effects associated with the loss of a patient. The goal of this intervention is to increase pediatric registered nurses' knowledge on proper coping mechanisms, education, training, and resources that minimize the negative effects surrounding the loss of a patient. A group of pediatric registered nurses at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center will receive a pre-test, an educational PowerPoint, and a post-test. The pre and post-test are to be completed before and after viewing the PowerPoint. The PowerPoint includes both the negative effects on nurses related to the loss of a patient and the proper coping mechanisms, education, training, and resources that are effective in minimizing these negative effects. The test answers were used to analyze the knowledge gained and overall effectiveness of the education. After viewing the educational PowerPoint, nurses were able to identify effective coping mechanisms and resources. Many also reported that prior to this education they had received little to no education or training surrounding this information. All nurses involved stated that the educational PowerPoint was effective and having this new knowledge would help them in their future practice. Furthermore, educating pediatric registered nurses on the proper resources, training, coping mechanisms, and education can reduce the negative effects associated with the loss of a patient. Keywords: pediatric registered nurses, patient death, coping, education

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Category: Preparing and Sustaining Nursing Professionals