Edge of Chaos Effects of the Russo-Ukranian War on Baltic States

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Tanmay Srivastava
Hunter Shallcross
Michael Gott


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Award(s): Excellence in Research Mentoring

Major: Digital Media; History

Advisor: Michael Gott

Abstract: The Edge of Chaos is a Documentary research Film. The concept of the film combines our two areas of expertise and focus as students; Geopolitics and Filmmaking. The Edge of Chaos as a concept is a road trip documentary that follows us and our crew as we travel along Europe's Eastern Border with Russia. We would travel through countries such Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. In these countries, we would explore the lasting impact of the Soviet Union, and the modern- day impact of the Russian Federation. In addition to that, we would like to examine the individual cultures of these countries in an attempt to explain, understand, and contrast them in an effort to combat the stigma that all Eastern European countries are inherently 'Russian.'

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Category: Community & Cultural Connections
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Tanmay Srivastava, University of Cincinnati

Major(s): Digital Media, History

Hunter Shallcross, University of Cincinnati

Majors(s): Digital Media, Film & Media Studies