Life Experiences of Adolescent Boys Living in Group Home Care

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Reagan Schwartz
Anjanette Wells


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Type: Poster Presentation (in-person)

Advisor: Anjanette Wells

Abstract: This study was conducted to measure the life experiences of teenage boys living in group home care and what the best interventions are to use in this setting. There are differing opinions on whether group homes are a helpful way to house children that cannot be with their families. In this study 8 adolescent boys living in the same group home were surveyed about their experiences in areas such as resiliency, substance abuse, education/school, and delinquency/behavior. The study shows that while not all, most participants found group home care to be helpful to them in some way. Majority of the participants were receptive to incentive style intervention. Group home care may not be the best option for some but others do well in the setting and majority of the time it does not make life experiences worse than before care.

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Reagan Schwartz, University of Cincinnati

Major(s): Social Work