How is Race Communicated by a Reproductive Healthcare Organization? Visual/Textual Content Analysis and Insights from a Black Woman DEI Administrator

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Hope Johnston-Holm
Oneya Okuwobi


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Type: Poster Presentation (in-person)

Advisor: Oneya Okuwobi

Abstract: Since the 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrations, many healthcare organizations have increased their investments in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives to address on-going and historical race-based inequities. But what racial ideologies are these initiatives reflecting, and do they actually improve the everyday experiences of POC who are patients, healthcare professionals, or in the community surrounding a clinic? To gain insight on the matter, I did a content analysis on a Midwestern reproductive healthcare organization (RHO) for images or text regarding race from their Facebook and website. This analyzed RHO’s external communications on race. I also interviewed a Black healthcare DEI administrative professional in RHO to understand internal communications on race. The outcome of my work will help shine a light on racialized experiences in healthcare to the sociological field of organizational racial ideologies. This project also furthers my understanding of nonprofit and DEI initiatives intended to address racial inequities.

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Hope Johnston-Holm, University of Cincinnati

Major(s): Sociology