Literacy Implementation and Engagement in Elementary Aged Students

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Annie Welage
Lauren Daily
Brooke Avance
Nancy Creaghead


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Presenter Award: Excellence in Research Communication

Type: Poster Presentation (in-person)

Advisor: Nancy Creaghead

Abstract: The scope of practice for speech-language pathologists includes writing, spelling, and reading (ASHA, 2016). Children with speech and/or language disorders commonly also struggle with learning to read and write (ASHA, 2016). Thus, it is important for speech-language pathology students to learn to support student child literacy. This service-learning project addressed ways to improve literacy engagement in elementary-aged children. The literature review included articles that highlighted the strategies to use when working with students that may have a disorder of written language that involves impairment in fluent word reading, reading comprehension, written spelling, and/or written expression (ASHA, n.d.). Thirteen undergraduate students from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders volunteered weekly at two local elementary schools in Cincinnati to learn and apply engagement strategies for improving literacy skills. Strategies used included dialogic reading, student mentorship, and catering to each student's diverse needs. Project members presented various writing, reading, and decoding exercises to students in kindergarten and first grade. Through facilitation and ongoing encouragement of students' literacy skills, students demonstrated growth in their literacy skills. The project resulted in the volunteers expanding their knowledge of supporting student literacy to prepare them to support literacy in their future careers as speech-language pathologists. The poster will describe the service project and provide evidence-based strategies for supporting children's literacy development.

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Annie Welage, University of Cincinnati

Major(s): Speech Language Hearing Sciences

Lauren Daily, University of Cincinnati

Major(s): Speech Language Hearing Sciences

Brooke Avance, University of Cincinnati

Major(s): Speech Language Hearing Sciences