Characterization of an Unknown Product for the Development of an Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Experiment

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Drew Ladd
Christopher Gulgas


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Type: Poster Presentation (in-person)

Advisor: Christopher Gulgas

Abstract: The undergraduate organic chemistry laboratory at UC Blue Ash has been using the "E2 experiment" which was adapted from the chemistry literature. This experiment involves reactions of a compound with a base followed by characterization using gas chromatography (GC), which is a common analytical technique in commercial and government labs. The UCBA chemistry department recently acquired a new GC system and work has been ongoing to characterize all possible reaction products. As part of this work, the synthesis of a potential unknown product was carried out. The product was purified and characterized by multiple methods to provide evidence for this product formation in the undergraduate "E2 experiment". The GC method, synthesis of the unknown compound, and sample results from the E2 experiment will be presented.

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Drew Ladd, University of Cincinnati

Major(s): Chemistry