The Importance of Annual Seizure Education for Practicing Pediatric Registered Nurses

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Gabrielle Ross
Lucy Ross
Madelyn Pittman
Paul Lewis


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Type: Poster Presentation (in-person)

Advisor: Paul Lewis

Abstract: Seizures in the pediatric population require immediate intervention and continuous observation. According to a study conducted in 2019, only 39.3% of pediatric nurses felt confident when treating seizure patients. Pediatric nurses need to be equipped with the confidence and competency in order to effectively treat these patients. The CDC reports that about 470,000 children experience a seizure each year. The purpose of our project is to provide non-neurology facing pediatric registered nurses' education on the proper care and protection of pediatric patients who experience a seizure.The education will be provided through a lecture, hands on demonstration, and an educational pamphlet that describes the role of the nurse during a seizure. We will assess medical surgical pediatric registered nurses with a pre and post test to determine their knowledge level, and confidence level, when preparing for a seizure patient. Findings pending.

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Gabrielle Ross, University of Cincinnati

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Lucy Ross, University of Cincinnati

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Madelyn Pittman, University of Cincinnati

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