Parental Engagement in their Child's Mental Health Treatment Enhancing or Hindering Progress Towards Treatment Goals?

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Sydney Bashaw
Anjanette Wells


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Mentorship Award: Excellence in Research Mentoring

Type: 5-Minute Video (virtual)

Advisor: Anjanette Wells

Abstract: The purpose of this research study is to examine the relationship between children's mental health treatment progress, and parental involvement in their children's treatment. More specifically, does parental involvement in their child's treatment improve mental health treatment outcomes for children and adolescents? To determine if parental involvement would impact treatment, I figured out which parent's were, and were not, meeting engagement requirements, and used my agency's treatment evaluation method to see if there was any notable difference between the groups. I found that there was a difference between the progress of client's who's parents were meeting engagement in comparison to those who are not. The outcome of the study may help when examining how much emphasis should be placed on parental engagement, and the ways in which it impacts the treatment outcomes for children and adolescents.

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Category: Grief & Mental Health
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Sydney Bashaw, University of Cincinnati

Major(s): Social Work