A Review of Four Speech Sound Interventions Used by Clinical Speech Pathologists Which are Best for Children?

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Sydney Weeks
Amy Hobek


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Mentorship Award: Excellence in Research Mentoring

Type: Poster Presentation (in-person)

Advisor: Amy Hobek

Abstract: The purpose of this presentation is to answer the clinical question "What speech sound interventions are currently recommended in the speech pathology research literature for clinical speech language pathologists to use with children?". Cabbage et al. (2022) explains many speech language pathologists (SLP) report that they predominantly use only three approaches to speech sound intervention in their clinical practice. These approaches include traditional articulation therapy, Hodson's cycles approach, and minimal pairs intervention. There are other approaches, however, that have been more recently reported as being effective interventions in the research literature that SLPs do not report using as frequently in their clinical settings. This presentation will discuss four evidence-based clinical approaches and the research that supports their efficacy: Hodson's cycles, maximal oppositions, multiple oppositions and minimal pairs. This presentation will additionally compare and contrast the approaches and their use with different children and varying diagnoses within speech sound disorders.

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Sydney Weeks, University of Cincinnati

Major(s): Speech Language and Hearing Sciences