Reaching Underrepresented Youth about Participation in Genomic Research

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Alana Pringle
Melanie Myers


Program Affiliation: Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureat Achievement Program

Student Major: Nursing

Project Advisor: Melanie Myers

Abstract: I am conducting a survey to learn more about why underrepresented (Black African American, American Indian, or Alaska Native, Asian, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander) 18-21-year-olds do or do not participate in health research. In particular, we would like to examine the best methods for reaching and informing adolescents about research opportunities to make decisions about learning genetic information about themselves. We will conduct this research by creating a survey that includes investigator developed as well as previously validated questions to assess why underrepresented 18-21-year-olds do or don't participate in health research and why they do and don't seek medical care. I will send the survey to members of the African Cultural Center, the Ethnic Programs and Services, and members of the Ronald E. Mcnair Post- Baccalaureate Achievement Program at the University of Cincinnati. Findings from the survey will help us understand barriers to participation in research amongst underrepresented groups and help us understand best practices to help all populations experience the benefits of research innovations and receipt of high-quality care. 

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Category: Innovation and Access
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Alana Pringle

Major: Nursing