Comparison of Devices to Measure Lingual Strength and Skill

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Karlie Wiles
Brittany Krekeler


Record ID: 279

Awards: Excellence in Research Mentoring

Student Major: Speech-Language Hearing Sciences

Project Advisor: Brittany Krekeler


Abstract: The Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (IOPI®) and the TongueometerTM are used in conducting dysphagia therapy for tongue exercise. The IOPI has been available for multiple decades, has the most published data on normative values for lingual pressure measurements, and is considered a standard tool for dysphagia assessment and treatment. The Tongueometer is a newer device that offers a customizable application-based interface and is more cost-efficient. However, to use the IOPI published normative values for the Tongueometer in clinical practice, we must determine concurrent validity between the two devices. The purpose of this study was to compare two tongue pressure measurement devices in healthy adults across the lifespan. We hypothesized that the IOPI and Tongueometer would have comparable measurements. We recruited participants via social media, word-of-mouth, flyers and throughout the community. Participants were screened for any history of swallowing impairments, or recent hospitalizations. After informed consent, standard tongue measurements were taken from each device. The device to start was selected randomly for each participant. Measures of maximum isometric pressure, maximum isometric endurance and swallowing pressures were recorded. Results showed that the TongueometerTM device registered lower measurements in comparison to the IOPI in maximum lingual strength in all tested measurements (p<0.001). We conclude that the IOPI will likely continue to be used for standard assessment measurements, but the efficiency in cost of the Tongueometer device makes this a potentially more accessible tool to provide biofeedback for patients at home doing lingual exercise as a part of their dysphagia therapy. 

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