Developing a Method to Calibrate High Intensity Focused Ultrasounds Used in Therapeutics

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Bemnet Deresse
Rupak Banerjee


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Student Major: Bemnet Deresse

Project Advisor: Rupak Banerjee

Abstract: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a cutting age technology used to treat tumor causing diseases such as protest cancer. HIFU offers a minimally invasive and selective treatment. HIFU ablates the tumer without the need to make any insisions. The focused ultrasound rises the tempretuer of the target tissue (tumer) to cause rapid thermal toxicity. The downside of HIFU treatment is that it causes thermal damage and toxicity to the surrounding health tissue. As such, it is important to induce HIFU treatment in a controlled manner. One way of controlling the effects of a HIFU treatment is by controlling the power we input into the target tissue. Thereby limiting the amount of collateral thermal damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. To know the power input into the tissue, the power output of the HIFU transducer used in the procedure must be known. Consequently , adequate and routine calibration of HIFU transducers is necessary for the safety and effectives of HIFU tissue ablation treatment. According to [Safety first: progress in calibrating high-intensity focused ultrasound treatments] &[ Measurement of ultrasonic power and electro-acoustic efficiency of high power transducers] There is currently no universally accepted method of HIFU calibration. As such the goal of this project is to exploring cheaper and faster ways of calibrating HIFU system is important as HIFU tissue abliation prosedures become more main stream.

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Bemnet Deresse

Student Major: Biochemistry