The Association between Mindfulness Practices and Diet Quality and Physical Activity Behaviors in Adults during COVID-19

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Alivia Terry
Sarah Couch


Record ID: 231

Program Affiliation: Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureat Acheivement Program

Student Major: Pre physical therapy (Minor: Nutrition)

Project Advisor: Sarah Couch

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to examine whether engagement in mindfulness practices was positively related to healthful dietary intake and lifestyle behaviors among adults during the Covid-19 pandemic.The quantitative data gathered from this study will be used as the foundation for further research to be conducted examining other parts of the pandemic the literature may also have a gap in. If we find that a high level of engagement in mindfulness practices during the Covid-19 pandemic is positively associated with the intake of higher quality diets and increased physical activity levels in adults, then people will be able to incorporate more mindful activities into their everyday life in order to maintain or even improve their health. 

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Category: Mental Health & Human Behavior
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Alivia Terry

Major: Pre physical therapy

Minor: Nutrition