Association Between Visitation Complications and Symptomatic Depression Rates Within Nursing Homes

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Sheila McManus
Gary Dick


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Award: Excellence in Research Communication

Student Major: Social Work

Project Advisor: Gary Dick

Abstract: Transitioning to Nursing Homes can cause a significant amount of stress upon individuals. With that being said, research shows that depression symptoms aren't uncommon either. To be more specific, visitation complaints have increased significantly throughout time (lack of visitation, visitation policies, etc.). There is credible information linking older adults, depression symptoms, and visitation complications together as one common thread. Investigating Nursing Homes with numerous visitation complaints, and studying the depression symptoms statistics linked with these specific Nursing Homes have shown valuable insightful. This data is important to any and all individuals within society. Aging is a process that we all experience at some point so it's vital for us to recognize toxic patterns, and then insert beneficial tactics in response. 

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Category: Mental Health & Human Behavior
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Sheila McManus

Major: Social Work