Does Parental Involvement Influence Treatment Outcomes of Children with Behavioral Issues?

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Alex Goldstein
Gary Dick


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Student Major: Social Work

Project Advisor: Gary Dick

Abstract: Treatment outcomes for children with behavioral issues tend to be inconsistent. The inconsistency of outcome may be related to inconsistent parental involvement in the treatment program. For example, in some programs, parents are required to complete training; in others they are not. In this study I observe data from the agency and compare the families who complete the parental trainings provided by the behavioral service agency to those who have not and examine the progress of treatment for their children to determine the importance of parental involvement in the treatment process and the effectiveness of the parental training provided by the behavior service agency. Results of this study can be used to inform best practices for treatment programs for children with behavioral problems.

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Category: Mental Health & Human Behavior
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Alex Goldstein

Major: Social Work